I'll act as the interface between your organization and other consultants to deliver services that meet your business objectives. As a LabVIEW Champion and former National Instruments employee, I'll connect you with the right resources to extend your software organization.

Connecting Experts - Soliton

I worked with Soliton, an NI Alliance Partner, to build software for the validation team at Cirrus Logic. I connected the two organization by gathering requirements, designing the user experience, project managing, validating the deliverable, and closing the loop with all stakeholders.

Connection with the LabVIEW Champions Network

As a member of the LabVIEW Champions, I've formed strong relationships with many LabVIEW experts and industry leaders.

Connecting with Expert Consultants

I've had the opportunity to closely work with consultant firms and companies. I'll leverage these relationships to extend your software organization.

Connecting Leaders to Build the LabVIEW Ecosystem - GCentral

As an example of connecting experts, I founded GCentral in September of 2019. To accomplish its mission I connected community leaders together, including Jeff Kodosky, Quentin Alldredge, Daniell Jobe, Francois Normandin, Elijah Kerry and others. I'm honored to serve on the Board of Directors as GCentral's President and Treasurer.