Creating immediate value using long-term perspective.

Software engineering organizations that grow software expertise, nurture team culture, and build infrastructure will produce quality products that meet your business objectives.

Effective software organizations efficiently and sustainably use time and money to create quality products that meet today's needs and remain flexible for tomorrow's inevitable changes.

Three elements form the foundation of effective software organizations:

Software Engineering Expertise

Achieve your business objectives by working with software experts who have the talent and skill to design, architect, implement, and maintain quality solutions for your customers while making appropriate trade-offs to satisfy short term constraints and long-term requirements.

Tools and Processes for Collaboration

Software patterns, standards, and infrastructure enable your team to focus their creative energy on solving your main application versus being distracted by lower level problems. Patterns, standards, and tooling also enable teammates to quickly understand and contribute to each other's work.

Processes help create predictable and reliable outcomes, reduce risk, establish workflow between team members, and set expectations for your customer.

Team Culture

A healthy culture powers your software organization. Each team member must be able to effectively contribute, distinguish themselves, and gain the trust of the team. Ultimately, trust is the key to your team working together.

I'll help you build and evolve your software organization by providing:


I'll work with you to focus your software organization's execution, mission, and vision by sharing my 20 years of insights and lessons learned in solving engineering challenges and navigating political landscapes. I built the software infrastructure team at Cirrus Logic into a National Instruments Center of Excellence, recognized by Omid Sojoodi at NIWeek 2018.


I'll act as the interface between your organization and other consultants to deliver services that meet your business objectives. As a LabVIEW Champion, NI Alliance Partner, and former National Instruments employee, I'll connect you with the right resources to extend your software organization.


I'll augment your software organization with my LabVIEW Architect's software skills and infrastructure / application development experience to create systems and software that harness you team's creativity.